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Pricing strategy that make a product seem higher in quality than it actually is:
a) false b) psychological c) exclusive d) value
Wanting a red shoe instead of a blue shoe is a _____ benefit.
a) Core b) Augmented c) Actual d) None of the Above
What percentage of products stay in the introduction life cycle phase?
a) 75% b) 85% c) 90% d) 25%
The product life cycle goal of any company is
a) maturity b) withdrawl c) introduction d) decline
An AUGMENTED benefit is
a) what the product actually is b) a non-direct benefit of a product c) a physical benefit d) none of the above
The ACTUAL benefit of a Ford pickup is
a) Leather seats b) Ford Branding c) Cheaper Financing d) Warranties
The CORE benefit of shoes is what?
a) branding b) comfort c) price d) covers your feet
If the product life cycle is moving downward; the product is
a) only beginning b) dead c) declining d) at its peak
Successful marketing will
a) get info to customers b) describe a product c) deliver products d) all of the above
The 3 levels of a product include
a) core b) actual c) augmented d) all of the above
The marketing mix includes
a) product b) price c) place d) all of the above
The pricing matrix uses a graph to match items based on quality and price. Companies who lower their price below retail value for higher quality products are using...
a) penetration b) economy c) skimming d) premium
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