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Any trait of human activity acquaired in social life and transmitted by communication.
a) Culture b) Culture Trait c) Citizen Rights d) Citizen Responsibilities
The act of coming into a foreign country to live.
a) Migration b) Oppression c) Immigration d) Culture
People who share a common culture, language, or history.
a) Ethnocentrism b) Ethnic Group c) Culture Traits d) Culture
Attitude that one's own ethnic group is superior.
a) Ethnocentrism b) Immigration c) Oppression d) Migration
The responsibilities of a citizen. Such as obeying laws, voting, paying taxes, etc.
a) Citizen Rights b) Citizens Responsibilities c) Culture d) Oppression
When a group of people adopts another's cultural traits.
a) Ethnocentrism b) Migration c) Cultural Borrowing d) Cultural Diffusion
Process of spreading new knowledge and skills to other cultures.
a) Oppression b) Immigration c) Cultural Borrowing d) Cultural Diffusion
The personal rights of the individual citizen, in most countries upheld by law, as in the US.
a) Citizens Responsibilities b) Citizen Rights c) Culture Traits d) Culture
Cruel or unjust use of authority or power.
a) Culture b) Ethnocentrism c) Oppression d) Migration
Way of life of a group of people who share similar beliefs and customs.
a) Culture b) Citizen Rights c) Cultural Diffusion d) Cultural Borrowing
The act of moving from one country, place, or locality to another.
a) Migration b) Immigration c) Oppression d) Culture
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