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Sun, rocks, water, soil
a) Abiotic factor b) Biotic factor c) Dead tree d) Living tree
What type of reproduction involves the offspring being identical to the parent?
a) Two parent b) Asexual c) Sexual d) Identical
What is not a characteristic of living things?
a) Made of cells b) Have DNA c) Have nucleus d) Use energy
What makes up a scientific name?
a) Genus kingdom b) Genus species c) Kingdom phylum d) Family order
Who is credited as the father of modern classification?.
a) Robert Hooke b) Matthew Schleiden c) Charles Darwin d) Carolus Linnaeus
What is the two name naming system used to classify organisms?
a) Taxonomy b) Carol us Linnaeus c) Binomial nomenclature d) Classification taxonomy
What is the science of classification?
a) Binomial nomenclature b) Biology c) Ecology d) Taxonomy
Which would be more closely related.
a) Same genus b) Same kingdom c) Same family d) Same species
Which has the fewest members?
a) Kingdom b) Order c) Genus d) Family
Which has the most members?
a) Order b) Family c) Phylum d) Species
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