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Were did the Pilgrims originally live
a) America b) England c) Canada d) Spain
The church in England was called
a) Church of England b) The Church c) Baptist d) Methodist
The Pilgrims left England and moved to what small country
a) Germany b) Italy c) Spain d) Holland
Why did the move out of England
a) To small b) Religious Freedom c) Find Work d) Find Food
In what year did they leave Holland to find America
a) 1520 b) 1620 c) 1602 d) 1260
What was the name of the ship they sailed on
a) Nina b) Pinta c) Mayflower d) Santa Maria
What was the name of their plan for a government
a) Mayflower Compact b) Mayflower pact c) Law d) What to do
They landed in _______ and called their colony ________.
a) November, Plymouth b) November, Pilgrimland c) October, Playland d) December, McDonalds
What group of Native Americans came to help the Pilgrims
a) Apache b) Navaho c) Cherokee d) Wampanoag
When was the first Thanksgiving and who taught them to plant corn
a) November 1621, Squanto b) November 1612, Squanto c) November 1261, Sugar-toe d) November 1216, Square-pants
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