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Sieve-tube cells and companion cells work together to transport sugar and nutrients inside plants. Together, sieve cells and companion cells form;
a) A tissue b) An organ c) An organ system d) An organism
The roots of a plant help to anchor the plant to the soil, and are also used for food storage and water extraction. Roots are made up of tissue, such as xylem. In which level or organization would the roots of a plant be most likely classified?
a) Cell b) Organ system c) Tissue d) Organ
A structure that is made up of different kinds of tissue is called a (n)
a) organ system b) organ c) cell d) tissue
The heart, liver, lung, and brain are examples of-
a) cells made out of organs b) organs made out of tissues c) systems made out of organs d) tissues made out of cells
Xylem tissue transport water inside plants . Xylem tissue is made up of:
a) cells b) organisms c) organs d) organ systems
A group of organs that work together to perform a major function is called a(n)
a) Cell b) tissue c) Organ d) Organ System
A group of similar cells that perform the same function is called a(n)
a) cell block b) organ c) tissue d) organ system
What is considered to be the lowest level of organization in a multi-cellular organism?
a) Cell b) Organ System c) Tissue d) Organ
There is no such thing as a single celled organism.
a) True b) False c) d)
The cell needs to give off waste just like all living organisms
a) True b) False c) d)
True or False The Function and survival of an organism is dependent on the function and survival of its cells
a) True b) False c) d)
He made an improved microscope and viewed slices of plant material. He named what he saw cells
a) Schwann b) Leewenhoek c) Hooke d) Darwin
Each part of a cell has a job, or process that it carries out, called its_____________
a) Function b) Structure c) hobby d) cellular duty
The ________________ of a cell refers to its parts and how they are arranged.
a) Cell b) Structure c) cell membrane d) function
The basic unit of structure and function in living things is a(n)
a) organelle b) domain c) cell d) Prokaryote
Which of the following is not made of cells?
a) mushroom b) dog c) sand d) leaf
An amoeba is a one-celled organism. Which of the statements about amoebas is supported by the cell theory? An amoeba-
a) has a globular, undefined size and shape b) moves slowly using a psuedopod c) contains organelles called chloroplasts d) must obtain energy and releases waste
Which of following statements is true about cell theory?
a) there are no single-celled organisms b) cells do not need water to function c) cells are not organized into the body structures of organisms d) Cells carry on similar functions such as extracting energy from food
Which statement about the cell theory is correct?
a) New cells form from old cells that have died b) Cell organelles are the smallest units of life c) All cells have the same internal structures d) All living things are made up of cells
Which of the following examples best represent the levels of organization from least to most complex?
a) Lung cell--Lung tissue--lung--respiratory system--human b) Human--lung tissue--respiratory system--lung cell--lung c) Lung cell--respiratory system--lung tissue--lungs--human d) Respiratory System--lungs--body cell--lung tissue--human
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