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movement of the body by the use of music.
a) dancing b) jogging c) singing d) walking
smallest bone is located on part of the body?
a) eye b) ear c) toe d) finger
it is an example of endurance test.
a) 1km. run b) push-ups c) curl-ups d) jumping
what would be measure in standing long jump?
a) upper body b) lower body c) abdomen d) balance
what would be measure in paper ball juggling?
a) balance b) coordination c) agility d) endurance
strengthen the persons upper body.
a) jogging b) push-ups c) hopping d) step test
what would be measure in 1 km walk in run?
a) endurance b) flexibility c) agility d) balance
Measures the flexibility of a person
a) push-ups b) sit-ups c) zipper test d) 40 meter sprint
It measures the speed of a person.
a) 40 meter sprint b) push-ups c) sit-ups d) 1km walk and run
A strong downward strike to opponents court.
a) Smash b) Serve c) Lob d) Overhead
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