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To create or adopt industrial methods or manufacturing and production
a) Communism b) Industrialization c) Theocracy d) Dictator
All goods and property should be owned by the whole society
a) Communism b) Industrialization c) Dictator d) Theocracy
What is a ruler with absolute power and authority?
a) Theocracy b) Unitary c) Dictator d) Oligarchy
government controlled by a religious leader
a) Dictator b) Theocracy c) Unitary d) Monarchy
Underground layer of rock and sand that contains water
a) Flood b) Drought c) Aquifer d) Marine
Long time with little or no rain
a) Flood b) Drought c) Aquifer d) Marine
a climate that is dry with very little rainfall
a) Aquifer b) Arid c) Drought d) Marine
process by which deserts spread and soil can no longer hold water
a) Desertification b) Deforestation c) Arid d) Aquifer
to investigate or find the answer
a) Generate b) Investigate c) Produce d) Prior
To make
a) Generate b) Investigate c) Infer d) Inquire
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