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Please do not give Mariella and __ candy.
a) me b) I c) not applicable d) not applicabe
They suspected that the prankster was __.
a) he b) him c) not applicable d) not applicable
__athletes all want to play on the varsity team.
a) Us b) We c) not applicable d) not applicabe
The argument between Nishta and __ was over quickly.
a) her b) she c) not applicable d) not applicable
Neither Jason nor Josh missed __class.
a) his b) their c) him d) not applicable
The committee told the teacher and __students that we won the contest.
a) us b) we c) not applicable d) not applicable
Three of __ attended the awards ceremony yesterday.
a) we b) us c) not applicable d) not applicable
__like to hear rock music.
a) He and I b) Me and him c) Him and I d) Him and me
My sister and __ are great friends.
a) they b) them c) their d) not applicable
Who gave this gift to __?
a) I b) me c) not applicable d) not applicable
Several of us __pizza for lunch
a) prefer b) prefers c) preferring d) preference
None of our neighbors __ when our band practices.
a) complain b) complains c) neither answer is correct d) the answer is debated among grammarians
I hope that no one __ to bring skates.
a) forgets b) forget c) forgetting d) forgotten
Your jeans __ still in the dryer.
a) is b) are c) be d) not applicable
The sun, like the moon, __ the moon’s motion.
a) influence b) influences c) influencing d) not applicable
Everyone selected for the social committee__to be willing to meet each week.
a) have b) has c) haves d) not applicable
The pep club __ at every football game.
a) cheers b) cheer c) cheering d) not applicable
Neither the players nor the coach _____ what time the game starts.
a) know b) knows c) known d) knowing
Some of the puzzle pieces __ lost.
a) was b) were c) is d) be
The banks of the river __ during the heavy rains.
a) flood b) floods c) flown d) are flown
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