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an instance of saying the same words or sounds at the same time; a group that sounds like one
a) unison b) unit c) unitard d) unique
one of a kind. unusal or rare
a) unique b) unison c) unitard d) unicycle
one sided
a) unilateral b) unison c) unitard d) unicellular
to join together into one group
a) unify b) unique c) unidirectional d) unison
moving only in one direction
a) unidirectional b) unify c) unilateral d) unique
a one wheeled vehicle
a) unicycle b) unify c) unique d) unicorn
a horse-like fabled animal that has 1 horn growing out of its forehead
a) unicorn b) unison c) unitard d) unit
having only one cell
a) unicellular b) unicorn c) unilateral d) unify
one group
a) unit b) unitard c) unison d) unidirectional
a one-piece leotard and tights combination
a) unitard b) unit c) unique d) unify
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