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you smell smoke and yell that there is a fire in the hall, is that an...
a) observation b) inference c) d)
If you see a pumpkin with a carved face, what could you infer?
a) It will be summer soon b) it is close to New Years DAy c) it is close to the 4th of July d) it is close to halloween
You see flames and say there is a fire is that an ...
a) observation b) Inference c) d)
Your friend infers that you are hot, what observations could they have made to make them infer that?
a) it is january b) you are sweating c) you are tall d) it is noon
If you observe that the side walk is wet what could be an inference?
a) the sidewalk is wet b) the sidewalk is gray c) it must have rained d) it is cold out side
What is an observation?
a) A fact using your 5 senses b) What you think is true c) an opinion d) Everything is an observation
If you see kids playing out side and say, that snow man had a carrot nose, is that an...
a) observation b) inference c) d)
If you see kids playing outside and say, they must be cold, is that an ...
a) observation b) inference c) d)
Observations must be facts
a) true b) false c) d)
Inferences are the same as opinions
a) true b) false c) d)
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