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Arabs who wandered from place to place
a) bedouins b) craftsmen c) archaeologists d) middlemen
descendants of Abraham
a) Lydians b) Hebrews c) Hittites d) Phoenicians
contributed the alphabet
a) Canaanites b) Hebrews c) Middlemen d) Phoenicians
People group that first minted coins
a) Lydians b) Bedouins c) Hebrews d) Hittites
First Empire Builders
a) Lydians b) Bedouins c) Hebrews d) Hittites
Abraham came from what city?
a) Euphrates b) Ur c) Tampa d) Tigris
The study of ancient people
a) archaeology b) superstition c) evolution d) history
Wedge -shaped writing of Sumerians
a) sculpture b) pictographs c) cuneiform d) cursive
smallest and coldest Ocean
a) Pacific b) Arctic c) Indian d) Baltic
a) Eurasia b) Asiope c) Asianrope d) Eurosian
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