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His family is from _______.
a) ignores b) quivers c) Senegal d) ship
After he bumped the table in the store, Paul broke the _____ vase.
a) lavender b) delicate c) ship d) traders
When the train passes by her apartment, Sue ____ the noise.
a) surrounded b) mist c) Senegal d) ignores
We need to ____ these supplies by airplane, or they will not arrive on time.
a) traders b) ship c) ignores d) quivers
The children were cooled by ____ drifting from a nearby fountain.
a) mist b) delicate c) ship d) lavender
My dog's entire body ______ when he knows he is about to get a treat.
a) ignores b) delicate c) surrounded d) quivers
At the toy convention, hundreds of _____ had set up booths.
a) delicate b) traders c) ship d) quivers
A field of ____ filled the countryside with a pleasant scent.
a) lavender b) ship c) traders d) mist
The six of us ____ the kitten as it played with a piece of string.
a) lavender b) ignores c) surrounded d) quivers
Small or dainty means _____ .
a) lavender b) traders c) surrounded d) delicate
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