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Bacteria reproduce by which process:
a) mitosis b) meiosis c) digestion d) binary fission
Bacteria does not have a nucleus. What term would describe bacteria best?
a) eukaryotic b) prokaryotic c) multicellular d) abiotic
In bacterial reproduction, one cells splits to make ____ cells.
a) 3 b) 4 c) 2 d) 1
Which is not a common shape of bacteria:
a) bacilli b) cocci c) spirilla d) villi
Some bacteria are considered decomposers which means:
a) they feed on dead organic matter b) they chew their food c) they make music d) they make their own food
Archaebacteria is unique in that:
a) it can make its own food. b) in can live in areas where nothing else can. c) it is abiotic. d) it swallows fish whole.
Some bacteria perform nitrogen fixation which:
a) prepares a meal for worms b) turns nitrogen into oxygen c) melts nitrogen d) helps plants by converting nitrogen into a form plants can use
Which is not a way bacteria is helpful:
a) bioremediation b) causes pathogenic diseases c) used to make medicine d) used in digestion
In bioremediation:
a) bacteria change harmful pollutants into less harmful substances b) students are tutored c) bacteria form endospores d) bacteria make medicine
Which is not true:
a) bacteria is used to make foods like yogurt and cheese b) bacteria are one celled organisms c) bacteria can be divided into two Kingdoms d) bacteria are not neccessary for life on Earth
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