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What is your name?
a) Elliot G. King b) Caveman arrhhhggbb c) Lassie d) King Elliot
Did you try to answer correctly on the last question?
a) Kinda b) Yes, I want to do well on this test. c) Nah, I don't really care about this test. d) Nope, not important.
Click the funniest word.
a) Lettuce b) Darts c) Bundle d) Piano
a) fklnf b) nlfn c) kln d) nlnl
a) nlknfl b) flnlf c) fnlkknlf d) flnfl
a) fnklfnl b) fnfl c) fnknkn d) lfnlkn
a) fknl b) lkfnl c) flnlfkn d) flknfl
f flnfln
a) fnkfnl b) f m f c) fknlf d) nflnlf
a) Daerl b) flnl c) d)
a) LKf b) DL:K c) d)
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