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southern Europe
a) Italy b) UK c) Russia d) Germany
western Europe
a) UK b) Italy c) Russia d) Germany
Eastern Europe
a) Russia b) Italy c) Germany d) UK
Central Europe
a) Germany b) Russia c) Italy d) UK
Which of the following does not have a warm climate?
a) Russia b) Italy c) Germany d) UK
Type of government- Constitutional Monarchy, Paliamentary Democracy
a) UK b) Italy c) Germany d) Russia
Type of government- Federation
a) Russia b) Italy c) Germany d) UK
Type of government - Federal Republic
a) Germany b) Italy c) Russia d) UK
Type of government- Republic
a) Italy b) UK c) Germany d) Russia
Italy, Germany, Russia, and the United Kingdom share which of the following environmental issues:
a) air pollution b) acid rain c) radiation due to nuclear power plant explosion d)
Italy, Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom all have what type of economic system?
a) Market b) Traditional c) Command d)
currency of Italy
a) Euro b) British Pound c) Dollar d) Russian Ruble
currency of United Kingdom
a) British Pound b) Russian Ruble c) Dollar d) Hitler
currency of Russia
a) Russian Ruble b) British pound c) Euro d) Peso
currency of Germany
a) Euro b) British pound c) Russian ruble d) Dollar
Which countries have the highest and lowest GDPs?
a) Germany; Russia b) Italy;Russia c) UK; Russia d) Russia; Russia
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