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The feature Govinda loves best about the young Siddhartha is his
a) good looks b) intellect c) good sense of humor d) status
An important Hindu ritual preformed both at dawn and dusk is
a) bathing b) bowing toward Mecca c) smoking a carved pipe d) confession
The primary object of the severe asceticism of the Samanas is to
a) acquire magical powers b) deaden all passions and desires c) develop the spirit d) feel superior to others
Siddhartha and Govinda part for the first time when Govinda decides to
a) remain with the Samanas b) become a merchant c) renounce all organized systems of beliefs d) joing the Buddhists
When Siddhartha meets the Buddha, he recognizes him immediately because of the Buddha's
a) begging bowl b) yellow robe c) peaceful appearance d) bald head
The one question which troubles Siddhartha the most, and eventually casues him to leave home, is how to experience
a) om b) Atman c) love d) trust
Siddhartha begins one of his periods of meditation by reciting a metaphorical verse in which the sould is an arrow, Brahman is the target, and the bow is
a) Om b) Sataya c) Krishna d) Atman
After a time, Siddhartha becomes dissatisfied wiht the Samanas and criticizes their beliefs and practices as
a) immoral b) pure supersitition c) temporary escapism d) cruel and unusual
The Buddha warns against too much
a) cleverness b) wisdom c) self-denial d) Atman
When Siddhartha says that the Buddha has robbed him of something, he is referring to his
a) self-respect b) soul c) friend Govinda d) lover Kamala
The most profound emotion Siddhartha experiences just after leaving the Buddhists is
a) anxiety b) disgust c) loneliness d) exhaultation
Siddhartha's attitude toward Kamaswami's business is that it is
a) a holy ritual b) the most vital materialistic concern c) a game d) needed for Atman
Before hiring him, Kamaswami tests Siddhartha's
a) knowledge of marketing b) mathematical ability c) reading and writing abilities d) ability to negotiate
Initially Siddhartha's objective in working for Kamaswami is to
a) learn about the common people b) test his abilities in the secular world c) earn money for Kamala d) send money to his family
Gambling for high stakes is one way in which Siddhartha displays his
a) lack of wealth b) contempt for riches c) patience and cool nerves d) desire to help the poor
The bird in one of Siddhartha's dreams is symbolic of
a) Kamala's love b) his unborn child c) his quest of sensual pleasures d) his need to fly home
Among other things, the sound of Om reminds Siddhartha of
a) his father b) the inevitability of death c) the indestructibleness of life d) being a Samana
Although Om is strictly indefinable, several times Hesse defines it to mean
a) life b) immortality c) perfection d) imperfection
One of Vasudeva's greatest skills is his ability to
a) listen b) teach metaphysical doctrine c) memorize the sacred texts d) summarize the Buddha's teachings
All of the following adjectives accurately describe Siddhartha's son EXCEPT
a) arrogant b) sulky c) servile d) experimental
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