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Nicodemus was a what?
a) a Pharisee b) a Sadducee c) a Zealot d) a Herodian
What did Nicodemus call Jesus?
a) Rabbi b) Master c) Savior d) Christ
To see the kingdom of God, Jesus said that one must be what?
a) Filled by the Holy Spirit b) Washed in His Blood c) Born Again d) Kind to Strangers
Jesus said that, to be born again, on must be what?
a) Born of Water b) Washed in His Blood c) Born of Water and the Spirit d) None of the Above
Jesus said that He must be lifted up, even as Moses lifted up the what, in the wilderness?
a) Manna b) Serpent c) Ark d) Golden Calf
Where was John baptizing people, in John 3?
a) Betharaba b) Aenon c) Jerusalem d) Bethany
Why was John baptizing people at Aenon, near Salim?
a) Because there were many people there b) Because there was much shade there c) Because there was much water there d) Because there was no water there
What did John say about Jesus, in John 3?
a) I must increase, but He must decrease b) He must decrease, but I must Increase c) He must increase, But I must Decrease d) I must Decrease, but he must increase
About what did John's disciples dispute with the Jews, in John 3?
a) Ressurrection b) Baptisim c) Repentance d) Purification
What did John Call Jesus, in John 3?
a) The Son of God b) The Son of Man c) The Son of Thunder d) The Son of the Highest
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