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Balance is designing
a) visual clarity b) evenness c) visual interest d) similarity
Symmetrical balance means
a) lopsided b) mirror image c) skewed d) visual mirror
Symmetrical balance is good for what kind of designs
a) boring b) wild c) creative d) Formal
Asymmetrical design is typically
a) wild b) off-center c) even d) evenly distributed
Asymmetrical Balance is good for _____ designs
a) exciting b) boring c) simple d) formal
Rhythm is the repetition or alternation of elements
a) True b) False c) . d) ,
Rhythm can create a sense of
a) status b) rotation c) randomness d) movement
Emphasis is
a) when one object is less noticeable b) When every object stands out c) When one object stands out d) when every object is less noticeable
Proportion is a comparison between objects
a) True b) False c) , d) .
Unity is how the entire project is different in several ways
a) True b) False c) , d) .
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