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This ISM is associated with absolute power
a) Confuscianism b) terrorism c) hinduism d) totalitarianism
This renegade ISM operates outside of traditional geopolitical borders
a) holism b) totalitarianism c) confuscianism d) terrorism
This ISM is deeply spiritual
a) naturalism b) sexism c) mysticism d) feminism
This ISM is associated with tangible objects
a) holism b) communism c) naturalism d) materialism
This ISM has a market economy and a very large public service sector
a) consumerism b) sexism c) classism d) socialism
A proponent of this ISM was Emma Goldman?
a) feminism b) socialism c) anarchism d) communism
Which ISM is concerned with women's rights?
a) socialism b) feminism c) collectivism d) sexism
Which ISM describes a system of free market economy
a) socialism b) communism c) capitalism d) feminism
Which ISM invovles a closed economy based on collectivism?
a) authoritarianism b) Capitalism c) anarchism d) communism
The essential parts of this ISM come from the Vedas
a) Buddhism b) Socialism c) Hinduism d) Materialism
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