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What is the changing of one form of government to another or the creation of a new constitution ?
a) Anarchy b) Tyrany c) Revolution d) Theocracy
What is the complete absence of government?
a) Democrcacy b) Anarchy c) Dictatorship d) Oligarchy
What is is the rule by a king, queen, tsar, pharaoh, emperor, etc. Nearly always, the crown and power is passed down to members of the monarch's family?
a) Monatchy b) Theocracy c) Dictatorship d) Oligarchy
What is a government headed by a single person with total power.?
a) Oligarchy b) Direct Democracy c) Anarchy d) Dictatorship
What type of government is ruled by a small group of non-elected people. Two examples are rule by military leaders or by a wealthy group of people?
a) Representative Democracy b) Oligarchy c) Monarchy d) Dictatorship
In which type of government are all laws based on the country’s religion?
a) Theocracy b) Monarchy c) Oligarchy d) Dictatorship
In which type of government do the people of the country have a direct say in government do the citizens vote directly on laws and other policies.
a) Representative Democracy b) Direct Democracy c) Monarchy d) Theocracy
In what type of government do the the people not vote directly in government, but instead elect representatives. The elected people then represent the interests of those who voted for them.
a) Theocracy b) Anarchy c) Direct Democracy d) Representative Democracy
A written plan of governement. This document include the laws and limits placed on the government.
a) Citizen b) Constitution c) Charter d) Mandate
What is the complete absence of government?
a) Anarchy b) Dictatorship c) Democracy d) Theocracy
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