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The Triduum is ___.
a) forty days of Lent b) Palm Sunday c) Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday d) the Christmas Season
The beginning of Lent is ______.
a) the First Sunday of Lent b) Shrove Tuesday c) Easter d) Ash Wednesdday
To feed the hungry, clothe people and give shelter to the homeless are the ____.
a) Corporal Works of Mercy b) Spiritual Works of Mercy c) Commandments d) Beatitudes
Which is NOT a form of Prayer?
a) Rosary b) thinking about the Gospel c) fighting with others d) Stations of the Cross
We say the ____ during the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Penance).
a) the Hail Mary b) Act of Contrition ( Act of Sorrow) c) Grace d) Meditation
Forty days after Jesus rose from the dead, he ______
a) sent the Holy Spirit to the Apostles b) walked on water c) ascended into heaven d) visited the disciples in the closed room
There are ____ Persons in the Trinity.
a) two b) four c) three d) one
This person baptized Jesus in the Jordan River.
a) Paul b) Lazarus c) Mary and Martha d) John the Baptist
The 5th Commandment teaches that life is scared. We follow by ___.
a) using drugs b) caring and protecting the unborn c) starting fights d) killing another person
This prayer that tells about the angel asking Mary to be the Mother of God.
a) The Angelus b) the Our Father c) Glory Be d) Grace
The Good News is about ____.
a) things we want b) parties c) saints d) the Gospel, God's saving love
NOT following your good conscience is ______.
a) doing what your friends are doing b) prayng c) thinking about things before you do them d) learning about the Catholic faith
On December 8th celebrate ___.
a) St. Nicholas b) Our Lady of Guadalupe c) the Assumption d) the Immaculate Conception
The rosary is a special prayer to remember ____.
a) St. Valentine b) Jesus and Mary c) the Holy Spirit d) The Trinity
We show our love for others by ____.
a) making fun of others b) not playing with others c) giving to the poor d) copying a neighbor's homework
When we sin, God ____.
a) will punish us b) will not forgive us c) does not love us any more d) forgives us and is merciful
When we tell a lie, we ___.
a) hurt others and ourself b) show our love for God c) respect the truth d) follow the community
Sample: The prayer that Jesus taught is ______.
a) The Our Father b) The Hail Mary c) The Sign of the Cross d) A Novena
The Earth is God's gift to all. We must ___.
a) care and respect the Earth b) use it the way we want c) use whatever we thank we need d) pollute the Earth
The Sacraments of Initiation are ____.
a) Holy Orders and Penance b) Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation c) Baptism and Penance d) Baptism, Reconciliation, and Eucharist
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