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who is the coolest teacher ever
a) mr.m b) ms .gattoni c) mrs.roche d) all of them.=]
complete 5/6 __ 5/8
a) < b) > c) = d) none
what room number is the tech ed
a) 169 b) 119 c) 168 d) 102!
fill in the missing word. a instrument used to mesure angles is called a _____
a) ruler b) protractor c) yard stick d) lever
find the gcf 8 and 12
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4
use mentle math to solve this problem. 4,200 / 70
a) 50 b) 60 c) 600 d) 700
Vocab. 1.line of symetry. 2 congruent polygons. 3 similar polygon. 4 pentomino. A Same shape & size.B seperates a figure. C same shape not size. D 5 squares 5 sides.
a) 1,-b 2-C 3-D 4-a b) 1-B 2-A 3-C 4-D c) 1-c 2-d 3-a 4-b d) none of the above
find the mean for 100,90,80,70,40
a) 5 b) 76 c) 88 d) 95
find the product. $15.25 x 3
a) $15.28 b) $34.52 c) $40.50 d) $45.75
estimate the quotient using compatable numbers. 565/8
a) 9 b) 72 c) 70 d) 71 r 2
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