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willfully disobedient
a) banishment b) defiant c) smirk d) relentless
doing something with reluctance or unwillingness
a) solitary b) persistent c) grudgingly d) withdrawn
extremely dry and thirsty
a) parched b) scoff c) taunt d) turbulent
without end
a) parched b) vengeance c) relentless d) turbulent
brush off, ignore, disregard
a) smirk b) scoff c) taunt d) parched
smile in a mocking, sarcastic, or threatening way
a) scoff b) reverently c) smirk d) grudgingly
a) solitary b) taunt c) turbulent d) defiant
tease continuously
a) smirk b) scoff c) taunt d) defiant
a state of disturbance, disorder, or uproar
a) withdrawn b) taunt c) banishment d) turbulent
retaliation; a desire for revenge
a) banishment b) vengeance c) reverently d) grudgingly
shy, quiet, on your own
a) taunt b) scoff c) withdrawn d) reverently
removal from society
a) banishment b) defiant c) scoff d) vengeance
not giving up; continuing in the face of obstacles
a) parched b) scoff c) turbulent d) persistent
a) taunt b) persistent c) reverently d) withdrawn
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