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The ____ home style is basically long, low, and a one-story structure that originated in the
a) Colonial b) Ranch c) Split-Level d) Cape-Cod
The ____ home style is square or rectangular, 1 ½ stories with dormers, is versatile and
a) Colonial b) Cape-Ann c) Split-Level d) Cape-Cod
The reason that a colonial design is generally less expensive to build than a ranch house of
a) it requires less roof area and more foundation area b) it requires more roof area and less foundation area c) it requires less roof area and less foundation area d) it requires less roof area and more windows and doors
Exterior walls of residential structures should be designed in multiples of ____ feet.
a) 4 b) 5 c) 10 d) 8
The architectural drawing that shows the basement, walls, and footing is called a(n) ____.
a) Plot Plan b) Elevation Plan c) Foundation Plan d) Floor Plan
The architectural drawing that shows the property lines, location of the house, septic tank, leach field, well, driveway, and other utilities is called a(n) ____.
a) Plot Plan b) Elevation Plan c) Foundation Plan d) Floor Plan
The minimum depth of a clothes closet in a bedroom is ____.
a) 12 inches b) 18 inches c) 24 inches d) 30 inches
The kitchen, laundry room and garage make-up the ____ area of a house.
a) Work b) Entertainment c) Cleaning d) Service
A half bath is one that usually has only a ____.
a) Water Closet and Bidet b) Water Closet and Lavatory c) Lavatory and Shower d) Shower and Water Closet
For practical kitchen design, the length of the work triangle should not exceed ____ feet.
a) 14 b) 18 c) 22 d) 27
The poured concrete floor of a basement should be ____ inches thick and
a) 3 b) 4 c) 5 d) 6
A typical scale used for plot plans is ____.
a) 1” = 20’ – 0” b) ¼” = 1’ – 0” c) 1” = 1’ – 0” d) 10’ = 1’ – 0”
Floor Plans are drawn using a(n) ____.
a) Engineer Scale b) Mechanical Drafting Scale c) Metric Scale d) Architect’s Scale
Concrete and masonry basement wall thickness depends on lateral earth pressure and ____.
a) Vertical load to be supported b) Dynamic load to be supported c) Weight of foundation material d) Type of soil composition
When dimensioning the floor plan, dimensions should be no closer than ____ inch from
a) ¼ b) ½ c) ¾ d) 1
The floor plan is actually a(n) ____ drawing.
a) Orthographic Top vIEW b) Section c) Pictorial d) Elevation
Kitchen base cabinets have a depth of ____ inches and kitchen wall cabinets have a
a) 24 and 10 b) 24 and 12 c) 27 and 10 d) 30 and 12
The standard width for an interior door is ____ .
a) 2’-0” b) 2-4” c) 2’-6” d) 3’-0”
A ____ window cranks outward and provides for maximum ventilation.
a) Double Hung b) Jalousie c) Awning d) Casement
When drawing a staircase on a floor plan, ____ should not be included on the floor plan.
a) Total Run/Length of Staircase b) Number of Risers c) Flight Direction Up or Down d) Riser Height
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