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after macy makes her will, she decides she has left something out. this new information is considered what?
a) codicil b) courtesy c) d)
wily wrote her will five years before her death. which term identifies wily in this situation?
a) testatrix b) testator c) d)
before bet goes into surgery she tell her lawyer that she would like her property divided equally for her children. bet created what will?
a) nuncupative b) intestate c) d)
if jason own a sports store that sold equipment what party would jason be?
a) merchant b) agent c) d)
mike has admired one of ann's painting and trade the painting for a tv. their agreement is an example of what?
a) barter b) firm offer c) d)
lu the seller is always careful due to CAVEAT VENDTOR. What does this term mean?
a) buyer beware b) owner beware c) d)
Robert brought a computer with a warranty that promises to fix or replace a defective product free of charge for a certain time period. Which type of warranty is this?
a) Limited b) Implied c) d)
Tony disputed an exclusion to a warranty. Which term explains what is required for the exclusion?
a) Conspicuous b) Unidentifiable c) d)
Ellie owns an exercise store. Ellie’s products must be fit for the purpose of ordinary exercise. What is required for the exclusion?
a) Warranty of title b) Warranty of fitness for purpose c) d)
mark paid jill cash for her art. if jill refuse to deliver what would mark sue for?
a) specific performance b) money c) d)
amy sign a rental agreement with swain. what can swain request of the court if no rent is paid?
a) eviction b) lease terminaion c) d)
gray faces criminal charges for hacking into a music site and sell songs without their permission. what cyber crime did he commit?
a) cyberpiracy b) cyberspoofing c) d)
brandon and marcia went to purchase a home. In the SCENERIO 6.02B, the Davis’ met the Simms’ At the closing for the new home. What evidence of ownership Was transferred to Brandon and Marcia?
a) title b) lien c) d)
. In the above SCENERIO 6.02B, the Davis decided to install Fence on the property because there was no fence on the land when they purchased the home, The home is located in a neighborhood has a Home Owners Association. What violation of the HOA?
a) Restrictive covenants b) Police power c) d)
In the above SCENERIO 6.02B, the home is what kind of property? A. Bailed
a) real b) intellectual c) d)
a local anti gun launched a virus attack on all gun stores. what cyber crime did the group commit?
a) cybergerm warfare b) cyber terrorism c) d)
robert owns a bmw convertible at the body shop. he left the car with mike to be repaired and the brake were defective and needed repairs. who is robert?
a) bailor b) bailee c) d)
susan gained access without permission to xbox live files and sold games. what cyber crime did susan commit?
a) cyberpiracy b) cybervandalism c) d)
Kevin posted an embarrassing video of Pete on Youtube. What cybertort did Kevin commit?
a) Cyber defamation b) Cyber piracy c) d)
Joey asked Matt to duplicate his SIMS games, so that Joey will not have buy them. What act protects the owner of SIMS?
a) Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act b) Telecommunications Acts of 1999 c) d)
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