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Air will always move from
a) high to low pressure b) high to low temperature c) low to high pressure d) low to high temperature
Pressure differences in the atmosphere are due to
a) the wind blowing b) unequal heating of the Earth's surface c) convection d) rocks mysteriously moving
Pressure differences in the atmosphere cause
a) earthquakes b) tsunamis c) wind d) landslides
As air rises in the troposphere, the temperature will
a) increase b) decrease c) stay the same d) get higher
To reach the dewpoint temperature, air must
a) rise and warm up b) rise and cool down c) sink and warm up d) sink and stay the same temperature
As moisture is evaporated into the air, the density of the air will
a) increase b) decrease c) stay the ame d) be overwhelming
Around an area of low pressure, air moves
a) clockwise and in b) clockwise and out c) counterclockwise and in d) counterclockwise and out
If wind is named southeast, that means
a) it is heading Southeast from Northwest b) it is heading from Southeast to Northwest c) it is heading due East d) it is heading due North
As temperature approaches the dewpoint,
a) relative humidity decreases b) relative humidity stays the same c) relative humidity increases d) relative humidity is unaffected
As temperature approaches dewpoint, the chance for precipitation
a) incerases b) decreases c) stays the same d) becomes little to none
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