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Common problems of OS troubleshooting include:
a) Virus/Spyware/Malware installed on the computer. b) Device drivers missing or not installed. c) too expensive and does not last long d) #1 and #2 above
Hardware troubleshooting may consist of:
a) Plug a lamp into the same power outlet as the computer to be sure the outlet is working. b) Make sure the computer and monitor are plugged in. c) Make sure that peripheral devices are plugged in securely. d) all of the above
operating system is the software which controls the operation of the computer and its components. Examples are:
a) Microsoft Windows b) RedHat Linux c) MacOS d) all of the above
Involves troubleshooting the operating system and applications installed on the computer.
a) electronics b) hardware c) software d) neither
Troubleshooting falls into two categories:
a) hardware b) software c) electronics d) #1 and #2 above
Involves troubleshooting of the computer components such as the motherboard, RAM, hard drive, etc.
a) software b) hardware c) electronics d) neither
Special precautions, such as wearing a wrist strap, must be taken when servicing equipment to avoid:
a) burns b) electrostatic discharge c) shock d) cuts
Transfer of electrical charge between any two objects, although not usually dangerous to the technician, ESD can cause permanent damage to internal computer components, such as RAM
a) electrostatic discharge b) burn c) shock d) cuts
Electronic components, especially CPUs, can become very hot. Use caution when touching electronic parts.
a) shock b) buise c) electrostatic discharge d) burns
Avoid sharp edges on the sheet metal inside some computer cases. Use caution when unplugging some connectors, because they can require much effort and may come apart abruptly, causing injury to the hand.
a) electrical shock b) cuts c) burns d) electrostatic discharge
Sudden stimulation of the nerves or convulsive contraction of the muscles that is caused by the discharge through the body of electricity from a charged source, OR exposing yourself to live electrical circuits
a) electrical shock b) cuts c) burns d) electrostatic discharge
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