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How far can a bike rider traveling at 5.2 m/s go in 15 seconds?
a) 56 m b) 64 m c) 78 m d) 82 m
A car is traveling with a velocity of 30.4m/s. The mass of the car is 2000 kg. What is the momentum of the car?
a) 58.5 kg(m/s) b) 60.8 kg(m/s) c) 60, 800 kg(m/s) d) 68,000 kg(m/s)
Which three quantities can be used to calculate acceleration?
a) velocity, position and mass b) time, distance and position c) initial velocity, time and force d) time, initial velocity and final velocity
How long will it take a car driving 8.5 m/s westward to pass a house located 100 meters ahead?
a) about 8.1 seconds b) about 9.9 seconds c) about 10.5 seconds d) about 11.8 seconds
A horse begins 10 meters along a road. After 6 seconds it is 80 meters further west. What is the velocity of the horse?
a) 13.3 m/s east b) 13.3 m/s west c) 13.8 m/s east d) 13.8 m/s west
What is the speed of an octopus that can travel 10.5 meters in 3.5 seconds?
a) 3.0 m/s b) 3.5 m/s c) 3.8 m/s d) 4.0 m/s
What is the crest of a wave?
a) the highest part of the wave b) the distance between two wave troughs c) the speed of energy of the wave d) the lowest part of the wave
Energy travels from place to place in the form of a-
a) line b) wave c) circle d) ray
What is diffraction of a wave?
a) the straightening of a wave b) the bending of a wave c) the pounding of a wave d) none of these
What measures the distance between two consecutive crests of a wave?
a) a crest b) a trough c) the amplitude d) the wavelength
What part of a wave best describes the lowest point?
a) the crest b) the wavelength c) the center point d) the trough point
The components of a longitudinal wave include_________________.
a) rarefaction only b) compression only c) compression and rarefaction d) compression, rarefaction, and triangulation
A longitudinal wave is also known as a(n) ______________wave.
a) seismic b) transverse c) oscillating d) compression
Chose the most true statement
a) Waves can exist in liquids and gases only b) Waves can exist in liquids and solids only c) Waves can exist in solids and liquids only d) Waves can exist in solids, liquids, and gases
The distance from the crest of one wave to the crest of another wave is called the
a) velocity b) amplitude c) frequency d) wavelength
If four waves passed by you in two seconds, you could measure the wave's
a) velocity b) amplitude c) frequency d) wavelength
A(n) ________________wave is defined as a wave that moves in the same direction as the compressions and rarefactions of the medium it is traveling through.
a) surface b) transverse c) longitudinal d) electromagnetic
Which of the following is an example of a measurment of velocity?
a) 5 m b) 5 m/s c) 5 m/s2 d) 5 m/s west
An express train overs 400 km between two cities in only 3.5 hours. What was the average speed of the train during that time?
a) about 110 km/h b) about 114 km/h c) about 118 km/h d) about 125 km/h
Which of the quantities below are necessary for calculating speed?
a) time and velocity b) distance and time c) distance and velocity d) mass and velocity
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