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When five pairs of electrons are shared in a molecule, what shape will the molecule be?
a) bent b) linear c) tetrahedral d) trigonal bipyramidal
Outermost electrons
a) paired electrons b) orbital electrons c) valence electrons d) outside electrons
What is the shape of a water molecule?
a) linear b) tetrahedral c) trigonal planar d) bent
What two subatomic particles want to stay as far apart as possible in an atom?
a) Pairs of protons b) Pairs of electrons c) Pairs of neutrons d) Paris of photons
What is the name of this ion: F-
a) Floride b) Fluoride c) Fluorine d) None of these are correct
Name this compound: K2O
a) Potassium oxide b) Potassium ion oxide c) Potassium oxalate d) Potassium oxsende
What the name of this ion: Fe2+
a) Scandium (IV) b) Scandium (II) c) Iron (II) d) Iron (III)
What is the charge of an anion?
a) Positive b) Negative c) No charge d) None of the above
What is the charge of a cation?
a) Positive b) Negative c) No charge d) None of the above
Which of the following is the numner of electrons in the ion given correctly?
a) Na+ has 10 electrons b) Cl- has 17 electrons c) B3+ has 5 electrons d) N- has 7 electrons
Ionic compounds end in the suffix __________________.
a) ite b) ide c) ate d) ade
What is the molar mass of O2?
a) 8 g b) 16 g c) 32 g d) 64 g
In a chemical reactions, energy can be
a) released b) absorbed c) released or absorbed d) neither released no absorbed
What is a chemical reaction like?
a) More atoms on the product side b) More atoms on the reactant side c) Equal atoms on both sides d) It depends on the reactions
What can be changed when balancing an equation?
a) coefficients b) subscripts c) chemical names d) molecule names
Choose the false statement- The particles of gas are
a) compressible b) always in motion c) relatively far apart d) arranged in an orderly pattern
What instrument is normally used to measure atmospheric pressure?
a) thermometer b) barometer c) hydrometer d) spectrometer
Which unit represents pressure?
a) mole b) newton c) pascal d) joule
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