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What are the physical affects of stress?
a) measles b) cold c) blindness d) heart attack
What are the mental affects of stress?
a) popularity b) critical thinking skills c) depression d) eating disorder
What are the social affects of stress?
a) accurate processing b) suicide c) neglect d) exercise
What are ways to avoid stress?
a) meditation b) decrease heart rate c) increase heart rate d) eating
What are some causes of stress?
a) jogging b) cooking c) procrastination d) hiding
Which are examples of stress?
a) singing b) taking a test c) playing basketballl d) laughing
Which of the following is not a stressor for students?
a) peers b) phone c) parents d) teachers
Which of the following improves mental health?
a) sleeping b) eating c) partying d) studying
How could you improve your social stress?
a) ignore stress b) eat c) talk to someone d) sleep
Which of the following is a good way to check your stress level?
a) jumping rope b) sleeping c) eating d) visiting a doctor
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