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Jennifer needs to identify the values in column B for a sales report. Which type of entry should she use in the column header?
a) label b) function c) d)
David wants to key the numbers 1 to 1,000 in Column A of his spreadsheet. What command should he use to complete this task?
a) find and replace b) autofill c) d)
Alicia needs to move the data in cell B5 to cell E5. Which command would she select?
a) clear b) cut c) d)
Which command on the Fill options dialog box is the default option
a) fill series b) cells c) d)
Jennifer needs to identify the values in column B for a statistics report. Which type of entry should she use in the column header?
a) value b) label c) d)
Which of the following notebook- like features organizes the sheets for use in Excel?
a) workbook b) worksheet c) d)
Which command enables a user to save an existing worksheet with a new name or save the worksheet in a new location?
a) close b) save as c) d)
How is a cell reference in a formula and its corresponding location in a worksheet identified?
a) Cell reference and cell location are outlined in matching colors b) Lines connect from the formula to the location c) d)
Sharon's spreadsheet contains information about the number of music downloads in F25. 25 identifies the:
a) column b) row c) d)
To help organize and identify Microsoft Excel files by providing details about the files, which of the following would you use?
a) Document properties b) file details c) d)
Joan wants to add a new entry at the bottom of her spreadsheet. What is the shortcut that will take her to the last record on her spreadsheet?
a) Ctrl + End b) Ctrl home c) d)
Which of the following would you use to enter, calculate, manipulate, and analyze data such as numbers and text in Excel?
a) note pad b) worksheet c) d)
John has highlighted the data he would like to print. Which print option should he choose?
a) print selection b) fit one page c) d)
What command do you use to insert information into a worksheet that will display at the top and bottom edges of the printed page?
a) margin b) header footer c) d)
Which ribbon option opens a related dialog box?
a) slider b) launcher c) d)
Joyce needs to access a spreadsheet she saved yesterday. Which command would she select?
a) open b) save c) d)
Which Microsoft Office object would you use for quick, convenient, one-click access to frequently used Excel commands?
a) Quick Access Toolbar b) title bar c) d)
Which group on the View Ribbon enables a user to show or hide the ruler, gridlines, Formula Bar, or headings?
a) zoom b) show c) d)
What area contains the command used to print a worksheet in Microsoft Excel?
a) file tab b) Quick Access Toolbar c) d)
John's workbooks includes 3 worksheets. Which option should he choose to print them?
a) Print Selection b) Print Entire Workbook c) d)
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