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Known as the of Father of Texas, most successful empresario
a) Stephen F. Austin b) Moses Austin c) Anson Jones d)
1st African American woman elected to the House of Representatives from a southern state
a) Barbra Jordan b) Jane McCallum c) Lulu White d)
San Jacinto hero and President of the Republic of Texas
a) Quannah Parker b) Maribeau Lamar c) Sam Houston d)
President of the Republic of Texas during annexation to the U.S.
a) William Travis b) Anson Jones c) Sam Houston d)
Governor of Texas wanting to regulate railroads and limit monopolies
a) Jack Hayes b) James Hogg c) Howard Hughes Sr. d)
Leader of Texas Women's Suffrage Movement
a) Jane McCallum b) Lulu White c) Barbra Jordan d)
Non-violent protester of Civil Rights, leader in Texas
a) Henry Gonzalez b) James Hogg c) James Farmer d)
Texas Civil Rights activist, leader of NAACP and passed laws protecting women and children
a) Lulu White b) Jane McCallum c) Barbra Jordan d)
Influential Hispanic-American of the 20th century as Texas Senator and member of the House of Representatives
a) Cesar Chavez b) Dolores Huerta c) Henry Gonzalez d)
Helped Texas to become one of the wealthiest states as a result of the oil industry
a) James Hogg b) Howard Hughes Sr. c) James Farmer d)
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