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We travel to Paris _____ after school finishes in June.
a) centennial b) anniversary c) annually d) annual
Her _____ birthday was yesterday; she is the oldest person I know!
a) millennium b) annual c) anniversary d) centennial
Her husband forgot their ______.
a) annual b) anniversary c) annually d) millennium
Our school's _____ Sports Day is usually in November.
a) annual b) annually c) centennial d) anniversary
My family takes a(n) _________ drive across the U.S.A.
a) centennial b) anniversary c) annual d) millennium
Our city just had a _____ birthday; it's been here a long time!
a) centennial b) annual c) anniversary d) millennium
The flowers bloom ____ in the spring.
a) anniversary b) centennial c) annual d) annually
The pyramids in Egypt have stood for ______.
a) millennia b) centennials c) annuals d) anniversaries
What is the _____ of your birth?
a) annual b) anniversary c) centennial d) annually
The city lay buried under the sea for a ____.
a) centennial b) anniversary c) millenium d) annual
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