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Jason is defining the target audience for an animation project. This is a component of which phase in the process of producing animation?
a) Pre-production b) Production c) Post-Production d) Animated GIF
Michelle is in the process of adding tweens to her animation. Tweens are a characteristic of what type of animation?
a) Animation b) Alpha c) Vector animation d) AVI
Short films that use stop motion techniques are what type of animation?
a) HTML b) Frame-based animation c) Animation d) Production
Stuart is playing a video game that has a lot of depth and a very realistic appearance. What type of animation is Stuart enjoying?
a) 2d Animation b) Vector Animation c) AVI d) 3D animation
What is another term to describe vector animation?
a) Vector b) Alpha c) Animation d) Path animation
Which type of animation uses still frames with a graphic that slightly changes position?
a) Animation b) Frame-based animation c) Vector Animation d) Pre-production
Which type of animation is best suited for creating a flipbook animation?
a) Frame-based animation b) SWF c) Animation d) Frames Per Second
Which type of animation is best for developing characters that would showcase depth and realism?
a) Alpha b) 2D Animation c) 3D animation d) Vector
What type of animation is best for creating a flat appearance?
a) Path Animation b) 2D animation c) 3D Animation d) SWF
What is the best type of animation to use for a Web-based project that requires a small file size, quick loading and no pixilation?
a) SWF b) MOV c) Frames Per Second d) Vector
Dave is animating a ball moving with slight changes on each frame. What type of animation is being used?
a) Frame-based animation b) Frames Per Second c) Scenes d) Vector
Rachel is creating an animation that consists of movement defined by computer-generated formulas. What type of animation is being used?
a) Alpha b) Animated GIF c) Vector animation d) Animation
How is the movement of text or graphics classified?
a) Vector b) Animation c) Alpha d) MOV
Which of the following animation types is also known as path animation?
a) Alpha b) AVI c) Vector animation d) SWF
Steve wants to export his animated movie in a native QuickTime format. What file extension should he choose?
a) .FLA b) GIF c) SWF d) MOV
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