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a) Terrorist attack group founded by Bin Laden b) c) d)
a) An ethi=nic group of Arabs living in Palestine. They had to move when Isreal was created. b) c) d)
Operation Desert Storm
a) In Persian Gulf War, to push Iraq out of Kuwait. b) c) d)
World Trade Center Bombing 1933
a) Bomb was put in a car underground in the parking garage of the North tower. b) They hoped it would fall on the south tower causing them both to fall to the ground. c) d)
American Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998
a) Two american embassies in Africa one in Kenya and one in Tanzania had a bomb in the car causing them to be destroyed. Al-Qued b) c) d)
USS cole bombing 2000
a) The USS cole destroyer was pulling up for fuel when a bomb from a small aircraft was released. It was not reconized as threat b) c) d)
I can explain how the US has supported Isreal.
a) Given them food, military weapons, technology, and financial aid. b) c) d)
Why is the US unpopular in the middle east.
a) The creation of Idreal despiced most of the Arab countries because palestinians were being forced out. b) c) d)
I can identify the causes of Operation Desert Shield
a) Iraqs invasion of Kuwait and possibility of Iraq attacking Saudi Arabia. b) c) d)
I can explain how the US military persence in Saudi Arabia during and after the Persian Gulf War angered al-queda.
a) They objected to the presence of Americans in Muslim holy land. b) c) d)
I can identify the major events of the attacks on September 11, 2001.
a) Two hijacked planes crashed into both world trade centers causing them to fall to the ground. b) One hijacked plane crashed into the pentagon causing a massive fire.. c) One hijacked plane crashed into the Pennsylvania countryside after passengers attempted to retke countrol. d)
Anthrax Attacks
a) On September 18-October 9 Bruce Ivins created letters laced with anthrax which is a poison they got from breathing. b) c) d)
a) A fundamentalist muslim group the contolled most of Afganistan. b) c) d)
a) Someone who rebels against the established government or authority. b) c) d)
a) Transportation Security Administration is created to check you and make sure your safe to fly. b) c) d)
Department of Homeland Security
a) To increase the security by overseeing the safety measures that would be created in the coming b) c) d)
I can Identify the three goals of Operation Enduring freedom (war in Afghanistan).
a) Created to capture bin laden and destroy al-queda. b) c) d)
I can explain how fighting during the war in Afganistan evolved over time.
a) Many countries joined the US and UK. Germany, France, Australia and Canada. b) c) d)
I can identify arguements for and against the USA Patriot Act
a) For: Catch terrorist, monitor terrorist. b) Against: Violated privacy laws, it stopped certain rights such as the right to attorney, notifie charges, speedy public trial c) d)
I can identify major security changes in America following the 9/11 attacks.
a) Government, travel, and american pride raised. b) c) d)
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