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Pulmonary circulation is where the heart pumps blood to the ____
a) lungs b) body c) d)
The right atrium is where blood goes after _________ circulation
a) Systemic b) Pulmonary c) d)
What type of tissue is the skin
a) epithelial b) nervous c) connective d) muscle
what is a function of your bones
a) become boney b) storage c) to show your muscles d)
where are smooth muscles are found
a) digestive system b) blood vessels c) both d)
Aerobic exercise strengthens what?
a) skeletal muscles b) cardiac muscle c) d)
skeletal muscles strengthen what
a) cardiac muscle b) skeletal muscles c) d)
What is an involuntary action
a) an action that you can control b) an action you can't control c) walking d) both can't and can
what is a function of your skin
a) regulate body temperature and remove wastes b) help feel c) protect body by keeping water in and foreign particles out d) all of the above
the dermis is...
a) the first layer of skin b) both second and thick c) very thin d) both first and very thin
the dermis has many what?
a) blahh b) components c) things d) blood vessels
vaccination prevents ______
a) virus b) bacteria c) gross things d)
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