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A database is a collection of _.
a) objects b) data c) fields d) numbers
When resizing a column, selecting _ automatically resizes the column to the best width for the data contained in the column.
a) best column b) best data c) best fit d) best selector
When viewing a table in Design view, the field names and data types appear in the _ in the top half of the Table window.
a) datasheet b) design grid c) matrix d) chart
When you open a query object, you _ the query
a) save b) move c) engage d) run
To edit the data directly in a cell, make the cell active and then press the _ key or double-click the cell.
a) F1 b) F2 c) F3 d) F4
Horizontal alignments do NOT include _.
a) bottom b) right c) left d) centered
Excel _ all numbers
a) left-aligns b) top-aligns c) right-aligns d) bottom-aligns
The Office Clipboard is a temporary storage area for up to _ selections you copy or cut.
a) 10 b) 24 c) 30 d) 12
Three types of cell references are used in formulas that do NOT include _.
a) mixed b) relational c) absolute d) relative
You can also switch between showing formulas and showing formulas results in a worksheet by pressing the _ keys.
a) Ctrl + ` (grave accent) b) Ctrl + ? (question mark) c) Ctrl + ! (exclamation point) d) Ctrl + * (asterisk)
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