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Who is at the top of the feudalism pyramid
a) serfs b) lords c) kings d) vassals
In which country did the Renaissance take place
a) Greece b) Italy c) Egypt d) Mexico
What country were Hernando Cortes and Francisco Pizarro from
a) Mexico b) Peri c) Portugal d) Spain
Who funded Christopher Columbus' trip
a) England b) Portugal c) India d) China
Who was the leader of the Reformation
a) Martin Luther b) Martin Luther King Jr c) Christopher Columbus d) Franz Ferdinand
What practice of the Catholic Church was Martin Luther upset about
a) selling of tickets b) selling of indulgences c) people had no food d) poor working conditions
what is the idea that Kings and Queens get their power from God
a) absolute monarchy b) monarchy c) colonization d) divine right
Why did the Aztecs not harm Cortes when he approached them
a) they were scared of him b) believed they could easily beat him c) believed he was their lost god d) they did harm Cortes
What group of people did Pizarro take over?
a) Hindus b) Aztecs c) Incas d) Buddhists
Befdore the revolution, which estate paid most of the taxes
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4
Why would a country politically want to become imperialistic
a) needed more slaves b) had too much land c) needed raw materials d) more colonies= more power
What country did the revolution start in
a) Italy b) France c) England d) Russia
What is the industrial revolution
a) stronger countries began taking over wekaer countrues b) Napoloeon began to dictate France c) Slaves were being used to work on the farms d) People changed from farming and using hand tools to moving in the cities to work in factories
Which of te following are not a enlightened thinker we talked about
a) Hobbes b) Voltaire c) Luther d) Locke
What typr of system is controlled by the government and determines what you produce and how much
a) darwinism b) socialism c) capitalism d) buddhism
What did people start to look to for answers during the scientific revolution
a) the world to answer their questions b) the church c) the government d) the bible
Why was France in debt before the revolution
a) rulers used the taxes and didn't raise enough money b) they lost all of their money during trade c) they ran out of raw materials d) they gained money during the slave trade
why did Napoloeon struggle when he attacked Russia
a) lack of soldiers b) bad military strategy c) ;ack of food and bad weather d) he won the battle
What is a revolution
a) A complete and radical change b) A war c) lack of raw materials d) a battle
What side was the U.S. on during the World War 1
a) Allied Powers b) Central Powers c) d)
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