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Evolution occurs over _________.
a) a very, very long period of time b) happens immediately c) a few months d) a few years
Which of the following is NOT one of the six basic life processes?
a) reproduces b) takes in enegery c) movement d) produces waste
a reaction of an organism to a change in the environment is a:
a) statement b) response c) question d) stimulus
adaptation is:
a) an inherited trait that isn't important at all b) a survival tactic c) an inherited trait that helps a species survive in its enviroment d) a miracle
Tortoises on the Galapagos Islands can be told apart by:
a) their shell shape and color b) their names c) the color of their eyes d) the sound they make
Charles Dawin is also known as:
a) a sailor b) a crazy scientist c) the father of science d) the father of the modern theory of evolution
One of the six life processes is:
a) having blood b) breathing c) taking in energy d) laughing
A change in the environment of an organism that causes a response is known as a:
a) reflex b) stimulus c) response d) change
Charles Darwin sailed on a ship called the _____.
a) HMS Beagle b) HMS Ship c) MRS Boat d) HMS Calico
An example of a learned behavior is:
a) how to blink b) how to breathe c) how to count d) how to sneeze
Based on the six life processes, any animal that __________________ is alive.
a) responds to its enviroment b) has blood c) can walk d) can think
Many fossilized bugs are found in amber. Amber is:
a) muddy dirt b) hardened tree sap c) rock d) hardened sand
What two species did Darwin study while on the Galapagos Islands?
a) Finches and tortoises b) frogs and lizards c) dogs and cats d) birds and monkeys
What is NOT an example of a structural adaptation:
a) a long neck to help an animal reach food b) being cold-blooded c) a fish's gills d) long teeth or nails that help an animal dig or eat
Darwin set sail on the HMS Beagle in:
a) 1831 b) 1992 c) 1852 d) 1732
A learned behavior is:
a) a reflex b) unnecessary c) learned or taught d) an instinct
An example of a physiological adaptation is:
a) a wolf's ears b) a human sweating to cool down c) a cheetah's legs d) a monkey's tail
Fossils help us:
a) learn about organisms that lived a long, long time ago b) learn about dirt c) do nothing d) see the future
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