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How was reviews reaction?
a) Quite good b) Quite bad c) Absolutely bad d) Absolutely good
How was public reaction?
a) Great: people loved this new sound b) Quite good. c) People didn´t like them at all d) People was indiferent
According to the video, which are the main features in Black Sabbath music?
a) Scary sounds and lyrics b) Light sound with catchy tunes c) Heavy sound, powerful scary chords, long elaborated riffs, and frightening ambience and lyrics d) All of them
According to the images, describe the way of dress of Black Sabbath guys.
a) They wore suits b) They wore glitter clothes c) They wore jeans, T-shirt, with long hair and beards. d) They wore black clothes
What did Metallica´s singer, feel when he listened to Black Sabbath´s first single?
a) He thought that it was an amazing music b) He laugh c) He felt asleep d) He was scared
What did the members of the groups think about Ozzy Osbourne, the leading singer?
a) That he was cool b) That he was amazing c) That he was nuts d) That he was boring
What sounds did they want to imitate with their music?
a) Factory sounds b) City sounds c) Rhythm´n blues sounds d) Folk sounds
Where did Black Sabbath guys live?
a) In Birmingham, a tourist centre b) In London, a tourist centre c) In London, an industrial centre d) In Birmingham, an industrial centre
Where did they work?
a) They worked as teachers b) They worked in factories c) They were professional musicians d) They were students
3.What does Tommi Iommi do to change rock sound?
a) He makes finger prosthesis with melted material b) He makes finger prosthesis and loosens his strings guitar c) By slackening his strings guitar d) He didn´t do anything
According to the video, what group is considered to be the founder of the heavy metal music style?
a) ACDC b) Metallica c) The Cure d) Black Sabbath
An anecdote is mentioned that will change rock sound. What is it?
a) Tommi Iommi works in a factory b) Tommi Iommi changes his guitar c) Tommi Iommi gets his fingers cut while working d) Tommi Iommi loved to play the guitar
13.What other group is mentioned apart from Black Sabbath as a founder of heavy metal sound?
a) Metallica b) Deep Purple c) Judas Priest d) Iron Maiden
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