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237 cm = ________ dm
a) 2.37 b) 23.7 c) 0.237 d) 2370
100 g = _______ kg
a) 0.100 b) 1.00 c) 10.0 d) 1000
1 cm = ________ mm
a) 10 b) 100 c) 1000 d) 0.1
The prefix centi- means
a) one thousand b) one thousandth of c) one hundred d) one hundredth of
The prefix kilo- means
a) one thousand b) one thousandth of c) one hundred d) one hundredth of
Which of the following is not larger than a meter?
a) hectometer b) decimeter c) kilometer d) dekameter
The metric base unit for measuring mass is the
a) meter b) gram c) liter d) inch
Derived quantities of physics include all of the following EXCEPT
a) area b) volume c) density d) distance (length)
All of the following are fundamental quantities of physics EXCEPT
a) distance (length) b) mass c) volume d) time
Mechanics is...
a) the study of objects and their motion b) the study of the metric system c) the study of measurement d) the study of how cars are fixed
Which of the following correctly places 20,300 in scientific notion?
a) 2.03 x 10^-4 b) 20.3 x 10^3 c) 2.03 x 10^4 d) 2.03 x 1000
1.23 x 10^5 = ___________________
a) 1,230 b) 12,300 c) 123,000 d) 123
A centigram is smaller than
a) a decigram b) a dekagram c) a gram d) all of the above
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