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when something begins
a) impact b) origin c) summary d) conclude
to cause something to happen or to influence it when it happens
a) approach b) description c) inspired d) summary
a) origin b) contribute c) motivated d) significance
the main idea that is carried throughout the story
a) impact b) description c) central theme d) significance
perspective from which a story is told; depends on which type of narrator is used
a) point of view b) imagery c) development d) inferred
the main subject that is being discussed
a) effect b) inspired c) development d) theme
vivid pictures the author creates with words; helps the reader imagine how something looks, smells, sounds, feels or tastes
a) theme b) imagery c) significance d) approach
a brief statement of the main points in a passage
a) summary b) motivated c) point of view d) origin
to figure something out using the information you are given; to conclude from evidence
a) approach b) development c) effect d) inferred
to be partly responsible for something happening; to help to cause or bring about
a) description b) point of view c) contribute d) theme
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