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What is an escalator
a) a shelf stacker b) a supermarket ride c) an electric shopping trolley d) a moving staircase
What does a freezer do?
a) keeps food frozen b) keeps food chilled (cold) c) heats food up d) cooks food
What does a fridge do?
a) keeps food frozen b) keeps food warm c) keeps food chilled (cold) d) heats food up
what controls an automatic door.
a) a person b) a sensor or switch c) a camera d) a turnstile
What do you use to weigh fruit and veg?
a) jug b) ruler c) scales d) tape measure
What is another word for a cash till?
a) cash abacus b) calculator c) matrix d) cash register
What is a belt used for?
a) helping to wrap the shopping b) sorting shopping c) moving goods along the checkout d) reading the price
What does the scanner read?
a) bar code b) scanner code c) bar chart d) price code
What is a card reader also known as?
a) pins and needles b) chip and pin c) fish and chips d) card and pin
Which of these is UNLIKELY to be found in a supermarket?
a) a lift b) lighting c) a robot packer d) air conditioning
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