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Until the weather gets warmer, we can't go outside to play.
a) simple b) compound c) complex d)
The team worked hard to win the game because they wanted to be the county champions.
a) simple b) compound c) complex d)
My family spends a lot of money on vacation, for it's the only time of year we get to spend a lot of time together.
a) simple b) compound c) complex d)
The maid spent a lot of time cleaning the room.
a) simple b) compound c) complex d)
I like the beach until the weather gets cold.
a) simple b) compound c) complex d)
Choose the correct plural of the word, igloo
a) iglooes b) igloos c) iglooies d) igloes
Choose the correct verb. Mark (loves, love) cake and ice cream.
a) loves b) love c) d)
Choose the correct verb. Everything about math (interest, interests) me
a) interest b) interests c) d)
What word is the adverb? Will went to the movies tonight.
a) went b) to c) movies d) tonight
What word is the interjection? Wow! That food was great!
a) wow b) food c) great d) that
What word is the adjective? The movie was great!
a) the b) movie c) great d) was
What word is the verb? She ran around the block searching for the dog.
a) around b) ran c) block d) she
What word is the article? Tim ate an apple in the car.
a) Tim b) apple c) ate d) an
What word is the preposition? The airplane was parked in the hangar.
a) in b) airplane c) the d) was
What word is the pronoun? Mark ate all his vegetables.
a) ate b) Mark c) ate d) his
What word is the conjunction? The kids wanted to play soccer, but they had too much homework.
a) wanted b) play c) but d) the
What word is the noun? Because he was scared, he ran in the house.
a) house b) scared c) ran d) because
Which word is the adverb? The man ran quickly down the road.
a) road b) quickly c) man d) down
The boy ran down the road
a) independent clause b) dependent clause c) d)
while I am shopping
a) independent clause b) dependent clause c) d)
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