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Which sentence is an example of autotrophic nutrition?
a) An apple tree makes its own food b) A mushroom digesting mulch c) A tick feeding on blood of a human d) A horse eating hay
The ability of testosterone to affect certain cells depends on
a) amino acids b) receptor molecules c) sperm d) eggs
The ability of humans to find new cures for cancer among the rain forest plantsis reduced by
a) predation b) homeostasis c) loss of biodiversity d) carrying capacity
A liver cell of a human can make different enzymes from a heart cell because liver cells
a) break down large molecules b) have different DNA than heart cells c) can use carbon dioxide for cellular respiration d) use different genes to make their enzymes
The storage of energy in ATP is part of which process?
a) cellular respiration b) protein synthesis c) photosynthesis d) digestion
In cells, metabolic wastes are excreted by the
a) cell membrane b) nucleus c) ribosome d) chromosomes
Genetic material is stored in the
a) mitochondria b) nucleus c) vacuole d) chloroplast
Animals cells do not have
a) cytoplasm b) cell membranes c) chloroplasts d) vacuoles
Genetic variation results from
a) respiration b) photosynthesis c) asexual reproduction d) mutations
A cat lives in the barn and preys on mice. This describes
a) an ecological niche b) a habitat c) ecological succession d) competition
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