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I _____ a sister.
a) have got b) has got c) has d) had
He _______ a sister.
a) haven´t got b) hasn´t got c) hadn´t d) how do you do
______ a brother ?
a) Have you got b) Has you got c) Had you got d)
Peter ____ in Minecraft 10 TNT blocks.
a) has got b) hat got c) hadn´t got d) had got
Micheles brother ______ a beautiful car.
a) Has got b) Haven´t got c) Have got d) hat got
Susan ___ ice cream.
a) have got b) hasn´t got c) had got d) have´t got
Peter says, that Charlie ___ ice cream
a) has got b) has c) had d) have got
____ a football ball?
a) Have you got b) Had you got c) Has you got d)
I ____ a pet.
a) have got b) has got c) hat d) am
Can I ___ good results
a) have got b) hat c) has got d) hasn´t got
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