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logical; sticking together
a) coherent b) confirm c) consequence d) consider
strengthen or make more firm; support
a) effect b) confirm c) consistent d) debate
the outcome of an event; having important influence
a) fact b) factor c) consequence d) employ
think about carefully; weigh or look at with respect
a) elements b) emphasize c) equivalent d) consider
the same throughout; reliable
a) figurative b) consistent c) defend d) deduce
argument; discussion; involves reason
a) debate b) defend c) depict d) derive
to figure out something based on previous information
a) essay b) essential c) deduce d) feature
protect against a challenge or attack
a) derive b) emphasize c) employ d) defend
draw a picture, describe, or show what something looks like or means
a) figurative b) depict c) employ d) confirm
come from; develop; evolve from
a) consider b) depict c) derive d) fact
an appearance or impression created on purpose; to produce
a) affect b) factor c) effect d) depict
violent weather conditions; smallest components
a) elements b) factor c) debate d) deduce
to stress or single out as important
a) feature b) emphasize c) figurative d) confirm
to put into service; make work for a particular purpose
a) defend b) consider c) employ d) essay
equal in value or measure or significance
a) factor b) equivalent c) consequence d) effect
an analytic literary or interpretive composition; a written product
a) figurative b) feature c) essay d) essential
absolutely necessary; basic; fundamental
a) defend b) fact c) feature d) essential
a concept whose truth can be proved; can be verified or checked
a) coherent b) consistent c) factor d) fact
a part or element that contributes to a result; a variable
a) feature b) factor c) elements d) consequence
a part of something that makes it special or able to work better; characteristic
a) deduce b) feature c) depict d) derive
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