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Antonio Carlos Jobim dedicated this famous Bossa Nova to the girl of
a) Sao Paulo b) Gran Canaria c) Ipanema d) Rio de Janeiro
The most known musical orchestra in Indonesia (Java y Bali) is called
a) teri yaki b) gamelán c) chambelán d) sinfónica
Magreb zone includes
a) South Africa b) Arabian countries and Senega c) Mauritania, Sáhara Occidental y Libia d) Canary islands and Mauritania
Choose the correct relation between zones and instruments
a) cajón flamenco - Sevilla b) Quena - Murcia c) Bandoneón - Argentina d) Chácaras- Bilbao an Australian primitive woodwind instrument.
a) didjeridoo b) hanka c) koaua d) balalaika
The basic scale of Chinese music is
a) heptatónica b) pentatónica c) cromática d) armónica
Where should go to listen the celtic music?
Two of the most known instruments in Japanese music are two ancient lutes.
a) biwa y koto b) biwa y shamisen c) koto y shamisen d) koto y laúd
West African pitched percussion Instrument made of wooden bars.
a) Berimbau b) Balafón c) Balón d) Sanza
Ravi Shankar is an hindu musician who plays
a) Pandura b) Sitar c) Biwa d) Saraswati Bina
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