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Concept that Sedimentary layers and lava flows are deposited as horizontal, flat sheets when undisturbed
a) Tsunami b) c) Original Horizontality d)
A long narrow steep sided depression or slope in the earth's oceanic crust. Usually lying above a subduction zone.
a) Uplifted b) Oceanic Trench c) Volcano d)
When two plates collide by sliding past each other.
a) Transform Plate Boundary b) Tsunami c) d)
A large wave produced by an earthquake on the ocean floor.
a) b) c) Volcano d) Tsunami
Land has been raised to a new relative position. Reason why fossils are found hundreds or thousands of feet above sea level.
a) b) Uplifted c) Volcano d)
A mountain composed of extrusive igneous rocks or a weak spot in the crust where magma has come to the surface.
a) b) Tectonic Plate c) Volcano d) Young Mountains
Mountains that are presently rising because they are at the location of converging plates or at the site of a hot spot.
a) Tectonic Plate b) c) Young Mountains d) Plate Tectonic Theory
Sections of the Earth's crust that move due to convection currents.
a) Tectonic Plate b) Volcanic Eruption c) Subduction d)
Giving off of gases, lava, and/or lava rock onto Earth's surface or into the atmosphere through the opening or vent of the volcano.
a) Volcanic Eruption b) Subduction c) P-Waves d)
Process when two plates converge or collide, the denser of the two plates under the other plate.
a) b) Subduction c) Plate Tectonic Theory d) Outer Core
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