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love of humanity causes this person to be generous
a) Inanimate b) Spectator c) Manicure d) Philanthropist
the power within
a) Inanimate b) Energy c) Sanity d) Rectify
road or way
a) Mobile b) Via c) Diagnosis d) Orthodox
Lacking life, soul, or spirit
a) Inanimate b) Xenophobia c) Construct d) Diagnosis
hand care
a) Via b) Manicure c) Indent d) Select
nerve pain
a) Incognito b) Neuralgia c) Distract d) Mobile
to choose from
a) Orthodox b) Select c) Construct d) Rectify
the state of being rational
a) Rectify b) Orthodox c) Sanity d) Nocturnal
literally, bite into
a) Indent b) Manicure c) Energy d) Inanimate
to make the situation right
a) Mobile b) Philanthropist c) Select d) Rectify
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